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Nov 26, 2023


《粤港澳⼤湾区发展规划纲要》明确提出“建设富有活⼒和国际竞争⼒的⼀ 流湾区”的⽬ 标要求。建设粤港澳⼤湾区,涉及到⼀国、两制、三个关税 区、三种货币,⾯临世界上其 他湾区建设所没有的新挑战。因此,它即是 新时代推动形成全⾯改⾰开放新格局的新尝试, 也是推动“⼀国两制”事业 发展的新实践。对⾹港融入国家发展⼤局,发挥优势,与⼤湾 区其他地区 合作共赢,注入了新的动能,也为促进⾹港与⼤湾区在海事教育和培训⽅ ⾯的 合作和创新提供⽀撑。本论坛旨在探讨粤港澳⼤湾区发展为⾹港推进 和提升海事教育和培 训所带来的机遇,以及如何引导⾹港的年轻⼈把握机 遇,谋划未来。 The "Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Greater Bay Area Development Plan" clearly stated the target requirements for "building a dynamic and internationally competitive first-class bay area." The construction of the Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Greater Bay area involves one country, two systems, three customs zones, and three currencies, which is facing a lot of new challenges in the process of development which other Bay Areas in the world do not have experienced. It is a new practice to promote the development of the "One Country, Two Systems" and to integrate Hong Kong into the overall development of the country. This forum aims to explore the opportunities brought about by the development of the GBA to promote and enhance maritime education and training in Hong Kong, and how to guide young people in Hong Kong to seize the opportunities and plan for their future career.

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